Dear participants of the RESD 2013 and future participants of

2nd Annual RESD 2014

    With your great efforts, RESD 2013 was successfully completed at Shenyang Liaoning Hotel. We are grateful to all the presenters and other attendees who together make this event a great success.
   On behalf of the Shenyang Scientific Conference and Exhibition Company, thank you for the contributions each one has made to the conference. Thanks for the presenters’ memorable, enlightening and stimulating presentation, thanks for the working staff and colleagues’ hardworking, last but definitely not least, thanks the Media staff and other supporting organizations’ strongly supporting throughout the whole event, with enthusiasm: the conference would not have been the same without you.
   We will select high-quality papers from RESD 2014 attendees and publish on Int. J. of Environment and Sustainable Development, Int. J. of Innovation and Sustainable Development, Progress in Industrial Ecology, An Int. J.
    The 2nd annual RESD conference will be hosted in Shenyang Liaoning Hotel inJuly 26-27 of 2014. The Liaoning Hotel has a well deserved good name regarding Congress gatherings and venues, offering a variety of facilities: interesting sight-seeing because of its history that should have participants as well as accompanying guests spend a most enjoyable time in Shenyang. more...